Monday, March 9, 2015

Lucky Two Weeks

I am outside photographing about five days a week. There are times where I will go several weeks without capturing something that excites me. But occasionally I hit the jackpot where the lighting is perfect and the subjects are waiting for me to arrive. Someone once stated that the perfect image is always there, the photographer just needs to find it. I still don't believe I have found my perfect photo. I don't know if I really want to find it. Half the fun of photography is walking that extra half mile or turning the next corner hoping the image is there waiting. Finding the perfect image also means having to arrive at location before sunrise. This past February of 2015 the temperatures dropped well below zero on three consecutive mornings. This presented some amazing photographic opportunities.
I arrived at my location prior to sunrise and waited for the magic to appear. I was not disappointed.

Cuyahoga River and River Mist at Sunrise

This particular morning the temperature was -12 degrees below zero.
It was so cold one of the legs on my tripod snapped.

The last several mornings I had noticed the geese on the edge of the
river bank. I found a location where I could had a clear shot as the
geese flew off into the sunlit mist.

During this two week period I was fortunate to see two bald eagles
separate occasions. I added a textured background but still tried to
preserve the setting by keeping portions of the tree branches.


The final image of this time span was from the Station Road
Bridge in the Brecksville Reservation.

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