Wednesday, December 17, 2014

River Otters

Being a landscape photographer can be tough at times. There is always something to photograph even on cold overcast days which we have plenty of in Ohio. During the past several weeks I have been visiting Beaver Marsh with a different agenda in mind. My visits to the marsh are usually landscape specific which hopefully includes some nice color from a sunrise or a fresh covering of snow. I had heard that there were several river otters that had taken up residence at the marsh. I decided to pack my landscape lens away and try a longer lens in hopes of capturing the otters. After several mornings and late afternoons of seeing nothing I finally hit the jackpot. I arrived at the marsh late afternoon and waited patiently. Several other casual photographers were also there. We spotted one of the otters eating about 100 yards from the boardwalk. It disappeared from view then reappeared closer to us. Again it disappeared only to reappear about 75 feet from the boardwalk. Within seconds its mate appeared and climbed up on an old dead log. Once on the log they seemed to pose for the next 10 minutes. It was all about being at the right place at the right time.

First sighting of the otter
One of the otters approaching...
...and appears by a dead log

The mate appears and both climb up onto the log

The next 2 images they appear to be posing.

I continue to go back and try to photograph them again. I have seen one of them several times but only coming up from the water to get a view. I have not seen both of them. I know they are there. I have talked to other photographers and they too have not seen them. Many more photographers are showing up hoping to get that elusive shot of these beautiful animals. But I know that on this one particular afternoon I was fortunate to get the shots that have eluded others.

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