Monday, November 18, 2013


Why would I be writing on such a topic?  The other day I was talking to a very good photography friend. He had just finished the Christkindl Market in Canton, a show I will apply to next year.  He was telling me about two incidents that occurred in his booth. My artist friend is a very talented photographer who takes his images and masterfully manipulates them into a fine art print. The images are gorgeous. A lady asked him why he does this to his photos? "Why don't you leave them alone and keep them as photos rather than doing this to them" as she pointed to one of his photos.  Another individual came into the booth and after seeing an award this artist had been presented with  stated that photography is not art. He even questioned that maybe the judges had awarded this award to the wrong person. He continued to state that photography is not art and that my friend should never have received an award. So again I ask the question, is photography art?  Here are several of my images that you have probably seen at my shows. The first is my top selling photo of the heron in the fog. I have told many of you that this is a texturing process I have learned to do that I feel adds depth to the photo. Now whether you like the image in this manipulated way is your choice. I have the before and after image

Another photo I textured is a milkweed pod seen in my last post. I have always liked the delicate texture of these late pods when they are open. The first image is the original.  I feel the textured background enhances the beauty of these structures and make it a stronger image.

The question as to whether photography is art I will leave to you. I will have to paraphrase the old cliche that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The beauty of a photograph is also in the beholders eye.


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