Monday, August 26, 2013

Hudson Art on the Green

It was a great weekend in Hudson. This was my top sales show of all time. I had what people were looking for and more. Some shows I receive many favorable comments but very low sales. The Hudson show I received both...Thank you Hudson.!

                          I sold most of my large format photo wall plaques with the following images:

Blue Heron and Fog
Foggy Morning at Beaver Marsh     

Old Botzum Barn
Blue Hen Falls

                             I have also added a few new textured photographs to my collection.

Male Pond Hawk Dragonfly

Foggy Sunrise at Kendall Lake

  The Ohio Mart is my next show. I will have new photo plaques and a large variety of framed and  
  matted images. I hope to see you all at my booth Thursday October 3rd thru Sunday October 6th.

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