Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Witan French Market

I had a great show this past weekend at the Witan French Market.  It was the first chance I had to display my new photo plaques to the public.  I had two 20 x 30 plaques that were sold  Dawn's Light at Beaver Marsh and Hale Farm Winter. In addition three smaller size plaques were sold along with a special order.

 Dawn's Light at Beaver Marsh



                   Hale Farm Winter

                             These images were sold on 16 x 20 plaques including my textured
                                                                Blue Heron in Fog


  Beaver Marsh Freeze                                                                      Botzum Farm Sunrise

Blue Heron in Fog    

I now wait for the summer season for my next shows. I have applied to these shows:
Summer Solstice at Sarah's Vineyard , Medina Art on the Square, Akron Art Expo,
Hudson Art on the Green, Cain Park Art Festival and The Ohio Mart. I have been accepted by Hudson Art on the Green, but I won't know until April or May whether I have been accepted by the other shows.


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