Friday, November 2, 2012

Textured Images

Several weeks ago I attended a presentation by a fellow photographer on adding texture to your photographs. I had seen his work and was quite impressed. I have always enjoyed art so when I saw what I could do with some of my photographs to enhance them, I was very intrigued.  Over the past few weeks I have been reading quite a bit on the technique. I believe the texturing should enhance the photograph. It is not a technique that can be used on all images.  Below are several of my photos that I believe have been enhanced by using the technique. Let me know what you think of the texturing technique. I will be displaying photos using the texturing technique in my shows next year along with new size formats. My next post will cover my trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Cleveland Sunrise
Beaver Marsh Visitor
Blue Heron and Fog

Dragonfly on Flower
Female Cardinal

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