Friday, November 16, 2012

Rocky Mountain National Park

My wife and I recently returned from a week and a half in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. I have to tell you this is some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.  As many of you know from my photos, I get up very early in the morning to catch the best light for my photos.  Vacation was no different...up at 5AM then hop in the car and chase the light.  My wife is not an early riser, so I would come back around 10AM and get her. We would then either hike to the location I would photograph the next morning or just drive and explore. I have attached several photos of the trip, but you can see them all my going to this link Rocky Mountain National Park Gallery

Dream Lake at sunrise...using my head lamp and flashlight I hiked 1.1 miles in the dark and arrived just as the sun was warming the mountain top. I was a little winded when I arrived because the elevation change was around 450 feet.  I took a different angle of this shot to include the moon which you can see if you go to my link with all the photos.

As much as I loved photographing the landscape,
I became addicted to photographing the elk. These beautiful creatures are quite abundant in the park. It was the rut season, mating, and the bulls with their antlers were majestic.  

There are many spots along the Trail Ridge Road where you can explore the fragile environment of the Tundra. We are talking 14,000 feet. The park has posted signs in the area asking visitors to stay on the paths and trails. The plants in the tundra are very fragile with very short growing season. If someone were to step on them, it may take years to re-grow.

My last shot in this post is Horseshoe Park.  I spent several early mornings here. Most of the time I had all this to myself. The warm morning sun touching the mountains along with the sounds of the elk were so peaceful.  So few people get to see the beauty of natures early morning performances.

My next post will be about my shows coming up in 2013.  I am real excited about how I will be presenting my images to you.  I just recently received my acceptance to the WITAN French Market to be held in February.  Check the posted schedule for more details.

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