Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Winery at Wolf Creek

I have been leading the MPEG photo walk to the Winery at Wolf Creek for the past five years.  This is a special photographic location when the lighting conditions are right. Last year I got this shot and never figured I would see these conditions again

This past weekend I took the group back and I could not believe the conditions were again spectacular as you can see by the photos below.  When I first arrived this scene was just screaming at me to photograph

Then as the sun began to crest, there was a dead tree in the distance with its dead branches reaching out to offer support to several birds. This tree along with the fog and sun offered a spectacular photographic opportunity.

Before I left I revisited the scene I had shot the year before (above).  By now the lighting was very bright and I knew I would not get a very good shot.  But as I looked back I could see so many events happening I could not resist another attempt . The fog was still on the lake, a sunburst appeared through the closest tree and the distant trees had sunbeams being filtered through its leaves.

If you get the chance, visit The Winery at Wolf Creek. The atmosphere is very relaxing. As you enjoy a glass of wine look out over this magnificent landscape and envision what it was like for me to see all of this splendor. The Winery at Wolf Creek is located in Norton Ohio.

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