Thursday, December 15, 2011

Churches of Akron

This past summer, I started photographing some of the churches in the Akron area.  Here are three
   of the churches.  Let me know if there is a church in the area you believe I should photograph

St. Sebastian Church  Groundbreaking for the St. Sebastian Church and School was April 28, 1929. The first services were held on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1929.
For more on the history of St. Sebastian go to
St. Sebastian History

St. Bernards Church...the cornerstone was laid in 1862 and the first mass was offered in 1863.  Much of the exterior brick is Berea sandstone cut from quarries in Peninsula.  The marble in the statuary and alter is from Italy. The stained glass windows were imported from Germany.

St. Vincent Church  Founded in 1837, St. Vincent (de Paul) Roman Catholic Church is Akron's oldest Catholic Church. The cornerstone for the present-day church was laid on March 17, 1864 and the first Mass was celebrated on October 20, 1867.


  1. St. Bernard's built a church in 1862-3, but it was on the opposite corner of Broadway and University, where the National Inventor's Hall of Fame Middle School is now. The current building was completed in 1905.

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